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Marking equipment reader ALLFLEX RS 340 XD – 60

Fixed-line portable chip scanners for horses can be used in a variety of applications: on-farm, commercial, slaughterhouse and elsewhere. Allflex and ALEIS products meet the requirements of quality work. Portable scanners are the ideal solution for repeating local operations. Fixed scanners show all their capabilities / capabilities by re-scanning large numbers of animals. Manufacturer: ALLFLEX

Chip for horses Allflex

The chip for horses is fitted with a very sharp needle to prevent pain during the injection. Each needle is packed in a separate sterile pack.
Manufacturer: ALLFLEX


HPR Lite ™ is a portable handheld scanner with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) PIT tag reader for use in animal tagging. The HPR Lite Scanner has been developed specifically for use in fish and wildlife research applications.

Reusable tag for sheep / goats ALLFLEX ULTRA

Reusable ALLFLEX ULTRA for sheep and goats

AllFLEX TAGGER universal tag pliers

Universal tag pliers TAGGER
Universal pliers are made of metal, so they are durable and reliable to use for many years. Each pliers also comes with a replacement needle that is easy to replace.
Universal pliers are suitable for attaching ALL Allflex tags.

ALLFLEX TAGGER needle for universal tag pliers

The TAGGER needle for universal tag pliers is a replacement needle that is easy to replace. The replacement needle is suitable for ALL Allflex tags.

Chip for pets GLOBAL-IDENT ™ XS 1.4

Ultra-small chip for pets and exotic animals, sharper and thinner needle, single-use introducer in a blister pack with a barcode on the inside with a 'mark' for correct insertion.

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